MTCC Completes $4.7 Million Land Reclamation Project in AA. Bodufolhudhoo

The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has successfully finished the land reclamation project in Bodufolhudhoo, Alifu Alifu Atoll, as per their contract awarded by the government on August 25th. 

This project encompassed the creation of 12 hectares of new land and the construction of a 180-metre breakwater, with a total project value of USD 4.7 million.

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The Bodufolhudhoo Island Council has emphasised the significance of this project, considering it to be the most ambitious endeavour the island has ever embarked upon. Their goal is to stimulate economic activities, particularly in the tourism sector, and establish income-generating resources for the island following the project’s completion. 

Moreover, the council is planning to develop residential flats as a solution to the pressing issue of limited available land for housing. With over 150 residents in need of housing, the council believes that land reclamation is the key to addressing these urgent challenges. 

Additionally, aside from the housing problems, the council has identified the shortage of land as a significant impediment to the growth of local tourism on Bodufolhudhoo.

Bodufolhudhoo is home to 800 residents, and the scarcity of land for housing has been a major issue plaguing the island since the 1990s.

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