MTCC Contracted for Hdh. Kurinbi Harbour Development Project

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has been awarded Design and Build of Hdh. Kurinbi Harbour Project by the Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure.

In a ceremony held yesterday, CEO Adam Azim signed on behalf of MTCC and Ms. Zeeniya Hameed, Permanent Secretary, signed on behalf of the Ministry.

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The island of Hdh. Kurinbi has a population of 752 residents and fishing industry is their main source of their income. Therefore, it is important for them to have a harbour capable of providing enough berthing space for their fishing and merchant vessels. Currently, the existing harbour is too small for the requirement of the island vessels and as a result many large fishing and merchant vessels are not able to access or use this harbor properly. Furthermore, the breakwater of the old harbour is also in dire need of repair after many years of continuous use. With the completion of this project, the size of Kurinbi harbour will be more than doubled and the residents will gain access to a fully modernized harbour that can provide enough berthing space for large fishing and merchant vessels.

Scope of works for the project include harbor dredging operations of 34,561cbm, channel dredging operations of 2,040cbm, reprofiling and rectification of 69m existing breakwater, construction of a new 226m breakwater, construction of a 70m revetment, construction of a 314m quay wall and paving an area of 1,561.61sqm. In addition, installation of harbor lights, navigational lights, mooring buoys, a ramp, and access platform will be carried out. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will be conducted as part of the project scope. The value of the project is MVR 42.99 million and it is to be completed within 365 days.

Over the past 41 years, MTCC has delivered various developmental projects in different regions of the country.

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