MTCC Inks Contracts with Ministry of Planning for 5 Major Development Projects

Yesterday, the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has signed 5 agreements with the Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure in the Maldives for development projects on  N. Fohdhoo, GA. Gemanafushi, HA. Maarandhoo, AA. Rasdhoo, and HA. Thakandhoo.

CEO Adam Azim represented MTCC, while Ms Fathimath Shaana Farooq, DG, signed on behalf of the Ministry.

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The N. Fohdhoo Harbour Development Project involves dredging operations totalling 30,648 m³ for the new harbour basin and 3,990 m³ for the channel. 

Additionally, the project includes constructing a 165m revetment, a 145m breakwater, a 130m quay wall, a 125m × 6m jetty, a 600m² pavement, and navigational and harbour lights. The project has a budget of MVR 53.75 million.

Similarly, MTCC is engaged in the GA. Gemanafushi Harbour Development Project, characterised by 37,516 m³ of maintenance dredging operations and 65,330 m³ of new harbour basin dredging. 

The project also encompasses the construction of a 201m geo bag revetment, an 11m breakwater, a 221m sand-filled breakwater outer revetment, a 210m sand-filled breakwater inner revetment, a 405m quay wall, a 2,635m² pavement, an 18m × 2m bridge, along with navigational and harbour lights. Its total cost is estimated at MVR 70.16 million.

The HA. Maarandhoo Harbour Development Project, involving 9,248 m³ of maintenance dredging, 45,000 m³ of new harbour basin dredging, and 1,657 m³ of channel dredging operations. 

The project will feature a 60m revetment, a 150m breakwater, a 17m groyne, a 215m quay wall, repairs to an existing 194m quay wall, an 11m × 11m ramp, a 70m × 2m jetty, a 2,291m² pavement, and maritime and harbour lighting. Its estimated cost is MVR 43.98 million.

The AA. Rasdhoo Madivaru Finolhu Beach Nourishment and Shore Protection Project includes beach nourishment operations covering 2.60 hectares and the installation of a 415m geobag revetment. This project carries a total budget of MVR 27.61 million.

The HA. Thakandhoo Harbour Development Project includes 15,565 m³ of harbour basin and channel dredging operations. It also involves constructing a 58m revetment, a 161m breakwater, a 98m sand-filled breakwater outer revetment, a 244m quay wall, a 17m × 7m ramp, an 11m × 3m bridge, a 2,463m² harbour pavement, and harbour lighting. The project’s estimated cost is MVR 46.59 million.

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