MTCC Launches Raajje Transport Link Ferry Service in Zone 6

The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has officially initiated the Raajje Transport Link (RTL) ferry service in Zone 6 (Gn. & S. Atoll), introducing two new routes to facilitate crucial transportation connections between Zone 6 and Zone 5. These newly established routes are set to significantly enhance the convenience of travel for residents across these four atolls, serving various purposes.

During a week-long trial period, MTCC is offering free-of-charge travel along these two new routes, aiming to promote customer awareness and foster familiarity with the newly launched service. Starting from August 25, 2023, following the trial period’s conclusion, passengers will be required to purchase tickets for their journeys.

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Operated seven days a week, the RTL Ferry Services will provide accessible schedules through the RTL travel app and the RTL website. The newly launched RTL ferry routes in Zones 5 and 6 will be served by two speed ferries operating under the RTL brand. These routes include:

  • Fuvahmulah to Vaadhoo and from Vaadhoo to Fuvahmulah.
  • From Fuvahmulah to Hulhumedhoo / From Hulhumedhoo to Feydhoo and from Feydhoo to Hulhumedhoo / From Hulhumedhoo to Fuvahmulah.
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