MTCC Launches ‘RTL Wallet’ for Enhanced Transaction Convenience

The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has introduced the ‘RTL Wallet,’ a digital wallet integrated into the Raje Transport Link (RTL) application. This development aims to facilitate financial transactions related to ferry and bus services offered by RTL.

The ‘RTL Wallet’ allows users to deposit funds for utilisation in RTL services. Access to the wallet’s top-up or cash deposit feature is contingent upon user verification, specifically confirming their email and phone number within the RTL application.

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Upon successful verification, users will observe a green positive mark on their application profile, signifying the confirmed status of their email and phone number.

How to Use the RTL Wallet:

1. Access the RTL Wallet section within the RTL application.

2. Opt for the ‘Top-Up’ feature.

3. Deposit funds into the RTL wallet using a card from the user’s chosen bank.

4. Generate a QR code by selecting ‘Second and Ride,’ serving as a virtual ticket for trips.

5. The validity of the QR code is maintained as long as users maintain a sufficient balance in their RTL wallet.

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