MTCC to Provide Opportunities to Those Undergoing Drug Rehabilitation with NDA

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has signed with the National Drug Agency (NDA) to provide opportunities to those seeking drug rehabilitation treatment with the agency.

At a ceremony held at the Ministry of Health today, the agreement was signed by Acting Chief Executive Officer of National Drug Agency Mariyam Halidha. Chief Executive Officer of MTCC Adam Azim signed the agreement on behalf of the company.

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The aim of this MoU is to provide individuals undergoing NDA’s treatment program with the opportunity participate in MTCC’s apprenticeship program, as part of “Reintegration and After Care” programme conducted by NDA.

MTCC will provide such individuals with the opportunity to participate in the apprenticeship program under the company’s CSR initiatives. Those who participate in MTCC’s apprenticeship programs will be decided based on a list submitted by NDA.

Under the MoU, a review report on the activities, ethics and work of the participants in the Apprenticeship Program of MTCC will be shared with the NDA caseworker every month. The duration of the MoU is three years from the date of signing.

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