MTCC’s HA. Hoarafushi Road Project Reaches 91% Completion

The HA. Hoarafushi Road Development Project, spearheaded by the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), is currently at an overall completion rate of 91%. 

Notably, the phase of asphalt laying has been finalised. Another critical project component, the installation of streetlights, is currently in progress and has achieved a 70% completion status.

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The project encompasses a wide range of tasks, including the construction of a 32,821 square metre carriageway, 11,736 square metres of paving works, and the installation of 16,950 metres of curbstone. 

Additionally, it involves the setup of an electrical junction box, the placement of road sign boards and streetlights, meticulous road markings, a 2,568 square metre harbour pavement, and Bandharu Magu variation works.

The project is valued at MVR 73.83 million.

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