Muizzu’s Administration Spends MVR 520 Million in Week One, Earns MVR 615 Million in Revenue

The Ministry of Finance reported expenditure and revenue figures for the first week of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s administration. According to the Ministry, MVR 520 million was spent on salaries and various projects, while the revenue collected amounted to MVR 614.5 million.

The major portion of the expenditure, amounting to MVR 314 million, was allocated for the salaries, allowances, and operating expenses of government employees. A substantial part of this was directed towards subsidies, with MVR 186 million being utilized for subsidy.

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Project spending also constituted a notable part of the week’s expenses, with MVR 206 million dedicated to various initiatives. Notably, MVR 185 million of this amount was invested in road construction projects and other infrastructure initiatives, highlighting the government’s focus on infrastructure development.

On the revenue side, the government collected MVR 261 million in taxes and MVR 53 million in non-tax income. Additionally, MVR 1.1 million in the form of free aid.

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