Muli Airport Development Enters Final Stages, Services to Begin Soon

The Meemu Atoll will soon gain much-anticipated air connectivity as the Muli Airport development project nears completion. The Muli Island Council has announced that airport services are poised to commence this year, bringing considerable change to the atoll, which had previously lacked an air travel hub.

The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), awarded the development contract, commenced the project’s practical work in October 2021. Ahmed Shakif, Vice President of the Muli Council, lauded the project as transformative. Key milestones have been reached, with asphalt laid on the runway and the airport terminal nearing completion.

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Shakif, in an interview with the State Media, stated that the establishment of an airport would be a significant convenience for the inhabitants of the atoll, particularly for those visiting the island frequently for travel and healthcare purposes.

The new airport is expected to vastly improve convenience and accessibility within the Meemu Atoll, enhancing transport options for its residents and potentially boosting the region’s tourism and development prospects.

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