Muli Council Spurs Tourism with Land Lease

To enhance the local economy, Muli Council has approved the long-term lease of land from M. Muli to bolster the tourism sector, coinciding with the imminent opening of the island’s airport.

Muli, serving as the capital of M. Atoll, is already home to various government offices, banking services, and a popular surf point. According to Ibrahim Shakif, the Vice President of Muli Council, the decision to allocate land for tourism purposes is a strategic effort to stimulate the island’s economic growth.

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Shakif expressed confidence that the soon-to-be-completed airport will play a pivotal role in elevating the local tourism sector. As part of this initiative, the council is making available four beachfront plots, each spanning 8,000 square feet, for a lease period of 50 years.

Prospective investors interested in bidding for these prime plots are required to register by 01:30 pm on January 13, with the bidding slated to take place in February. For additional information, Muli Council can be contacted by phone at 6720508 or 9774475.

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