MVR 50 million budgeted for the promotion of Maldives in 2018

Source: Avas

For the purpose of promotion of Maldives as a destination, MVR 50 million has been budgeted for 2018.

In an interview given to “Avas”, Minister of Tourism Moosa Zameer said that even this year the Maldives promotion budget is MVR 50 million and that it is the government contribution towards marketing the country as a destination.

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He further added that it is an adequate amount and that promotion finance will be coming from other sources such as resorts also.

He also highlighted that lots of activities have been planned for the promotion of Maldives in the year 2018.

Meanwhile, this year also the government, tourism bodies and private sector companies put plenty of effort in promotion of the country by organising and participating in exhibitions, trade shows, fairs, etc.

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