MWSC Announces Plan to Connect Water Supply Systems in Male’ and Hulhumale’ Next Year

The Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has disclosed its intention to link Male’ and Hulhumale’ water supply systems in the upcoming year.

In 2018, MWSC contracted China Harbour Engineering Company Limited to facilitate the connection of water supply systems via the Thilamale Bridge. However, the project has encountered a five-year delay.

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MWSC’s Managing Director, Abdul Matheen Mohamed, confirmed to local news media that the project would commence within the initial 100 days of the new administration. He underscored the potential improvement in water security for Male’ and Hulhumale’ residents once the interconnection is established, ensuring a stable water supply during breakdowns or disasters. Mohamed expressed concern over the prolonged duration of the project, emphasising its status as the company’s top priority.

MWSC has detailed that the project involves creating a bulk storage and production centre in Hulhumale’, aimed at improving water security for residents of Male’.

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