MWSC Begins Establishing Water and Sewerage Facilities in Kudafari

Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has begun the work of establishing water and sewerage facilities in Kudafari two days ago.

The work commenced with a ceremony, inaugurated by Chairman Ahmed Mausoom and Managing Director Ibrahim Shaah of MWSC. The ceremony was also attended by Parliament Member of Kendhikulhudhoo constituency Ahmed Easa, and Kudafari council members.

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MWSC updated that equipment needed, such as pipes, have been transported to Kudafari and the team is working to bury them currently. They further confirmed that the building for the water plant has been 20% completed.

Under the project, MWSC plans to establish an 8.1km sewerage network in the island, and a 650m pumping line.  Additionally, the electric generator needed to maintain the network and system, and water treatment equipment will also be provided by MWSC as well.

MWSC predicts approximately MVR 38.2 million to be spent on this project, and it would take 22 months for the completion of the project.

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