MWSC Completes Installation of New RO Plant at Hulhumale’ Operation Centre

As part of the Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC)’s ongoing water security plan for the Male’ region, the firm has inaugurated a new Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant at their Hulhumale’ Operation Centre. The installation was formally launched by Vice President Faisal Naseem in a ceremony yesterday. MWSC’s Managing Director Hassan Shah, senior management, and a host of the company’s employees were in attendance.

The newly installed RO plant is set to produce 3,000 tonnes of water daily. This project marks a substantial enhancement in the water production capacity for Hulhumale’, resulting in a more consistent and sustainable safe drinking water supply, greatly surpassing the figures from the previous year.

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Addressing those gathered, Hassan Shah, the Managing Director of MWSC, remarked on the company’s broader objectives. “While our aim remains to ensure adequate water and sewerage facilities for Male’s growing population, we have already made considerable strides in this direction,” he noted.

Beyond the primary water generation establishment, the operation centre in the city is branching out. Water plants in two distinct locations are in the pipeline to further bolster water production. Concurrently, an initiative is in motion to set up a conduit via a bridge, seamlessly linking the water networks of Male’ and Hulhumale’.

To further amplify water storage capacities, MWSC began work to install two expansive 13,000-cubic metre water storage containers in the STO Ready Mix area of Male’. Moreover, an additional 10,000-cubic metre container is anticipated for their operation centre in Hulhumale’.

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