MWSC Completes RO Facility Building of AA. Himandhoo Water and Sewerage Project

Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has announced that work on the RO facility building of the AA. Himandhoo water and sewerage project is complete.

The project was inaugurated on 11th December 2021. Under the project, work is underway to lay the pipeline required to establish a water and sewerage system and construction of the water plant building is ongoing.

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Moreover, along with the RO facility building that has been completed, a main network of 35 kilometers of water pipeline will also be established in Himandhoo. Under the project, two RO plants are to be installed to produce water, and three tanks are to be constructed for water storage. Water meter installation and water connection will be provided to all households.

As part of the sewerage system, a main network of 31 kilometers sewerage pipeline will be established, a 956 meter pumping line will be constructed, construction of three pumping stations and a sea outflow will also be established. Also, junctions will be installed in all the houses and sewerage connection will be provided to all households.

According to MWSC, the project is worth MVR 65.83 million.

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