MWSC Completes Sewer Network for Hiyaa Flats

Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has announced that the installation of the sewer network for the Hiyaa flats, located in Hulhumale’ Phase 2, has been completed.

In a tweet regarding the progress of the water and sewerage network for the 7,000 units being constructed under the Hiyaa Public Housing Scheme, MWSC revealed that 59 percent of the water supply network was also finished.

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Furthermore, the company has completed sewer connections to 13 of the 16 apartment complexes developed under the Hiyaa project.

MWSC started on the establishment of the water and sewerage network for the Hiyaa flats last September. The project includes total 580 connections with the main sewerage network measuring 11,003 metres, and establishing 283 man holes and two pumping stations.

The company estimated that the project would be completed by February 2021.

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