MWSC Inaugurates Water and Sewerage System in B. Kamadhoo

The Malé Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has completed and officially inaugurated the water and sewerage project in B. Kamadhoo. The inauguration ceremony was held on the island, with Mr. Hassan Shah, the Managing Director of MWSC, leading the event.

Among the attendees were Mr. Hassan Zareer, President of the B. Kamadhoo Council, Mr. Mohamed Shareef, Deputy Managing Director of MWSC, senior officials from the Kamadhoo Council, MWSC’s management team, employees, and the residents of the island.

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As part of the water supply project, a facility housing the water plant has been established. The primary water network has been constructed, and water connections have been made to residential properties. Water treatment facilities, boreholes, and reject lines have also been set up. Water storage tanks have been installed for consistent water supply.

Additionally, a drainage system, including a primary drainage network, a sewer administrative building, a pumping station, and a sea outfall was developed. Sewer junctions have been placed at residences, and sewer connections have been established. MWSC have provided vehicles and water testing equipment to maintain the drainage system.

MWSC was awarded the B. Kamadhoo water and sewerage project by the Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure. 

The project, with a total cost of MVR 56.66 million, aims to improve access to clean drinking water and safe sanitation facilities for the residents of B. Kamadhoo.

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