MWSC opens new business showroom

MWSC Showroom

MWSC opens a new showroom to showcase their business end products last night. The showroom was inaugurated by the minister of Environment and Energy Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim.

Speaking at the function the Managing Director of MWSC, Mr. Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed stated that the inception of this showroom will enable our customers to see and understand the products and services that we offer. Steps such as this are taken with ease of service for our customers in mind he added.

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The showroom specializes in the sales of items such as RO spares, PVC and PE pipes and fitting and different water related products along with water testing and sewerage systems that can be easily be purchased by customers.

MWSC has recently started the production of their own PVC and PE pipes which is made to fit international standards and follows strict guidelines. This product is also available in the showroom. Along with this they have also launched special packages for water management and sewerage for resorts back in Match this year named Utility Solutions. the showroom is expected to be the platform for this service to be given out.

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