MWSC to Establish Water and Sewerage System for Hulhumale’ Second Phase

Photo by Mihaaru

Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has been awarded a 25-million-dollar project to establish the water and sewerage system for Hulhumale’ Second Phase.

The agreement was signed today with Managing Director Mohamed Simon representing Housing Development Corporation, and Managing Director Fazul Rasheed signing on behalf of MWSC. According to Mr. Fazul Rasheed, MWSC has already initiated work for the preliminary stages of the project and stated that he hopes to complete the project by September 2018.

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Hulhumale’s Second Phase is an ambitious project that hopes to provide better housing solutions for residents and offers investment opportunities in the areas of commerce, education, health, housing, recreation, tourism, fisheries, and a number of other related areas.

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