National Security Council (NSC)meets with tourism industry stakeholders

The National Security Council (NSC) met with tourism industry stakeholders, along with the Minister of Economic Affairs, Uz. Fayyaz Ismail, the Minister of Tourism, Ali Waheed, to discuss the attacks that took place in Hulhumale’ on the night of 4th February which injured and hospitalized 3 foreign Nationals. The meeting was convened to discuss the proactive precautionary measures the state is currently undertaking on a national scale to safeguard everyone residing in or visiting the Maldives from violent attacks.

Reiterating the main points made at the NSC’s meeting with the President, the council underscored that the safety and security of the public remains paramount to the government and that they are currently working with the Maldives Police Service and other relevant agencies to find out more about the attack, its motives, and its perpetrators. They further indicated that they are presently exploring ways of making national security measures more robust and repeated the government’s earlier appeal that citizens stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

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Additionally, the NSC repeated the President’s sentiments that there is no space in the Maldives for extremist ideologies, that the state will not tolerate any threats made against anyone residing in the Maldives, and that it will take swift measures against extremist activities. Towards this last end, the NSC consulted with tourism stakeholders on the security protocols it has planned to enhance the security of frequently visited areas, and received the full backing of industry operators in implementing these measures.

Three suspects are currently in custody in relation to the attack, and all victims are presently recovering under medical care.

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