Naturally Accumulated Sandbanks – Could This be Maldives’s Future?

Photo : My Maldives

Maldives is slowly being submerged in the rising levels of the sea due to the effects of climate change of the Earth. Unfortunately, a good population of the world is aware and yet not doing enough to save the Earth and the fact that it is dying. However, a group of scientists from the Self-Assembly Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Invena’s Maldives team have come forward with a technology to naturally accumulate sand to form sandbanks using the currents in the ocean to help prevent any disaster.

Mr. Skylar Tibbits of MIT explained that the sand is being accumulated by taking simple materials and applying natural forces such as waves, wind and pressure to gather them into one structure. The structure, which looks like two walls in an X, make use of the energy of the waves and slowly gather the sand into a sandbank over time.

Loop credits : MIT Self-Assembly Lab
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After multiple successful experiments made in their lab, they have implemented the first ever structure in Maldives in February. This structure will be monitored over the next year and will be expanded to more areas of Maldives and other countries based on its results.

If this project becomes a success, this could save an island country which is in danger of sinking and save hundreds of thousands of lives. Let us all hope that this project succeeds so that we are able to prevent any such disasters of being homeless in the future.

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