NBAM Conducts its Annual General Meeting

The National Boating Association of Maldives (NBAM) held their Annual General Meeting yesterday at Maagiri Hotel, electing a new Executive Board after conducting a voting session during the meeting where 37 members voted.

The meeting commenced with a video highlighting the association’s vast progress over the past 16 years. Pressing further, former President of NBAM, Mr Ismail Hameed, in his welcome remarks, expressed gratitude to the members who withstood the test of time, lifting the association on their shoulders over the past decade and a half. He then vouched his support for the new board to be elected in the meeting and requested more participation from the fraternity, as the association has higher goals to achieve and a long road ahead.

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Following the welcome address, the Secretary General of NBAM, Ms. Mariyam Maaisha, coordinated the election process of the new Executive Board, leading to the following selection of members for the prestigious chair:

The following were elected to the Executive Board of NBAM for the year 2023-2025:

  1. Mr. Amir Mansoor, President
  2. Ms. Aminath Salah, Vice President
  3. Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim, Treasurer
  4. Ms. Mariyam Maaisha, Secretary General & Executive Board Member
  5. Mr. Ismail Hameed, Executive Board Member
  6. Mr. Ahmed Afrah, Executive Board Member
  7. Mr. Ibrahim Shahid, Executive Board Member
  8. Mr Ahmed Zubair Adam, Executive Board Member
  9. Mr. Abdulla Nasheed, Executive Board Member
  10. Mr. Hussain Aman, Executive Board Member
  11. Mr Ismail Shareef, Executive Board Member
  12. Mr. Hassan Haleem, Executive Board Member

Concluding the event, the new President of the National Boating Association of Maldives, Mr. Amir Mansoor, congratulated the new board and advocated for achieving and protecting the rights of the boat owners of Maldives. His speech ended with the appreciation of the positive vibe and support received from the members of the association in general and the newly elected board.

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