NDMA Audit Reveals Huge Fraud In COVID-19 Food Supplies

Audit on COVID-19 related spending by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) revealed that the prices charged for the food and beverages to quarantine facility and those in need in Male’ City were too high compared to the controlled prices by the government.

The prices of commodities were controlled by the government after the prices started to rise since April due to COVID-19. Such as the maximum price of 1 kg of potato is MVR 20 while one egg can be sold at a maximum of MVR 1.80.

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The statistics were compiled with the data from some suppliers and the National Bureau of Statistics. The report reflects that commodities including rice, flour, sugar, lentils, and onion were purchased by NDMA at MVR 23,457 higher than the controlled prices. In addition, other products including smoked tuna, tuna can, fresh tuna, milk powder, fruits were purchased at MVR 224,546 above the actual prices.

Moreover, the audit report orders to deposit the amount charged in excess of the controlled prices back to the government and that actions will be taken against those who are involved. Such as MVR 100,000 will be fined for the first time and the business should stop its operations for not more than 6 months if the offence is repeated. Hence, it is advised to compare the price lists from suppliers with the prices available in the market to proceed with the most favourable prices.

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