Need More Information on the Cochin-Maldives Cargo Ferry? MSS to Hold Online Session for Businesses

Maldives State Shipping, along with Southern Thiladhumathee Atoll Council and Business Centre Corporation, is introducing an online session to provide information on the Cochin-Maldives cargo ferry service.

Traders who are registered in Kulhudhuffushi and interested in the service of the cargo ferry can now take part in this online session. The deadline for participation is 30th September before 10 am.

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The first cargo ferry from Cochin, India to the Maldives agent by the Maldives State Shipping (MSS) arrived at H.Dh. Kulhudhuhfushi on 26th September.

The ferry has a capacity of 3000 tons while the first shipment of two containers consists of 500 tons including cement and other products. The boat cannot be harboured to the island due to the size of the vessel where the cargo will be unloaded with other large vessels which are used to transport containers.

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