New Cafe’ Opens at Hiyaa Flats

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has announced that a new café named “H13 Café” has been opened in the Hiyaa Flat area.

The cafe’ was opened by a party named Green Fly at the H13 Tower of Hiyaa Flats.

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HDC stated that efforts are underway to provide convenient and easily accessible services to residents in the Hiyaa Flat area.A restaurant has also recently been opened in the Hiyaa Flat area.

While around 35,000 people currently live in Hiyaa flats, HDC is still working to establish several facilities there. The ground floors of the towers of Hiyaa flats have been leased, and several shops have now been opened. Salons and pharmacies have also been opened. Photo studios, printing facilities and gyms are also scheduled to open in the area.

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