New generator procured to power Addu tertiary hospital

FENAKA Corporation has procured a new generator to power the tertiary hospital built in Addu City’s Conventional Center.

The framework agreement signing ceremony between GoM and Dongfang Electric International Corporation for the 20MW Power Generation & Distribution Project for Addu City held last Wednesday intends to replace the current generators with two new 20 megawatt generators.

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The project is expected to commence in the next 2 months and will act as a catalyst in achieving the southern economic development plan.

Ahmed Saeed, the Managing Director of FENAKA Corporation said that there are challenges to powering the tertiary hospital using the generator current available in the city. 

He further highlighted that the forecast shows that even the new 20-megawatt generator will not be enough. Therefore the corporation plans on installing the generators in such a way that the power that is generated can be increased up to 36 megawatts.

Saeed revealed that despite the issues the two new generators which will arrive within the next two weeks will produce enough electricity for 15 months and will decrease power issues in Addu city.

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