New Initiative Aims to Empower Women in Maldivian Tourism Industry

The Maldivian government has introduced a special program to enhance female participation in the country’s tourism sector.

The program, inaugurated today, is designed to bolster the presence of women in this vital sector. It aims to identify areas of interest for students and provide them with the necessary information and opportunities to build their careers in tourism. This initiative is particularly timely, addressing the current gender imbalance in the industry.

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Implemented biannually, the program will unfold in two phases. The first phase, “Familiarization with Tourism,” aims to introduce participants to the industry, while the second phase, “Pave the Way for Tourism,” focuses on creating pathways for women to enter and thrive in tourism. Additionally, students who successfully complete the program will receive certification, marking the resumption of the first phase.

A key aspect of this initiative is its focus on the challenges women face in the tourism sector. Open to women who have completed certificates and diplomas, the program seeks to provide a supportive environment for their professional growth. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply via email at

Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal highlighted the significance of this program, noting that the tourism sector has been a major job creator in the Maldives for over 50 years. He acknowledged the current underrepresentation of women in resort jobs compared to two years ago and emphasised that the newly launched program has a long-term strategy to rectify this imbalance.

The program is expected to offer hands-on experience with experts in various facets of tourism, including guesthouses, hotels, and diving, thereby providing participants with a real-world understanding of the industry. Minister Faisal expressed optimism that the initiative would not only facilitate young women’s entry into the sector but also sustain their long-term involvement.

Recent statistics reveal a stark gender disparity in the Maldivian tourism sector. According to a census conducted two years ago, out of 15,597 Maldivian employees in the industry, only 891 were women. This program represents a pivotal step towards addressing this gap and fostering a more inclusive and equitable tourism industry in the Maldives.

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