New Jet Fuel Stock Brought to the Maldives

A new stock of jet fuel has arrived in the Maldives.

Managing Director of STO Husen Amr stated that the vessel carrying jet fuel entered the Maldivian port on Thursday.

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With the new stock, airlines will be able to get much needed jet fuel, instead of controlled amounts.

The demand for jet fuel increased after several airlines from neighbouring Sri Lanka arrived to re-fuel in the Maldives. Planes that were previously sold 10,000 litres a day now have to be sold 40,000 litres. While demand for fuel has spiked drastically in this way, Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) does not have any other means of storing fuel. However, the use of the new fuel farm in September will increase the amount of fuel storage space.

The new fuel farm at the airport has a capacity of 45 million litres. The farm will have three tanks to store oil. Currently, the airport’s fuel farm capacity is only 15 million litres. With new fuel tanks, fuel farm capacity will increase to 60 million litres.

MACL faced difficulties in maintaining jet fuel stocks in September 2021 as well. The issue was caused due to delays in receiving the new stock.

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