New Le Perfume outlet opened in Male’


Le Perfume opens a new shop with a bigger portofolio of cosmetics and perfumes.

The new shop is located next to Hudhuma, Majeedhee Magu. Speaking at the ceremony, Director of Le Perfume, Ahmed Yooman said that even though the first outlet was opened as a designer fragrance provider, with the new outlet more varieties of makeup and cosmetics will be available.

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“This is a small business started 5 years ago on online platforms. back then the major product was designer fragrance,  after two years we opened the first shop and now we are opening a big showroom along with a new range of skincare, suncare, and cosmetic brands” said Yooman.

The biggest addition to the list of brands is the addition of blackUp Paris. With the new outlet, Le Perfume looks forward to introducing new brands to Maldivians.

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