New Terminal at Velana International Airport to Be Complete by Mid-Next Year

The ambitious project to modernize Velana International Airport (VIA) is set to see its new passenger terminal completed by the middle of next year, according to President Dr Mohamed Muizzu. Speaking at the inauguration of the PNC headquarters, the President emphasized the significant progress made under his administration.

“The new terminal at Velana International Airport is a critical component of our broader initiative to upgrade the airport facilities,” the President stated. He highlighted that the government, since taking office, has placed a high priority on expediting the construction work at VIA. “The airport was being built at a slow pace, we all know that, but now the work is progressing very fast,” he added.

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Key features of the new terminal include eight aero-bridges, with at least three set to be operational later this year. The installation of these aero bridges will enable passengers to board directly from the terminal, significantly enhancing passenger convenience.

Initially, the government aimed to complete the terminal by the end of this year. However, the timeline has been extended, with the President confirming that the new terminal and associated works will be finalized by mid-next year. “We had previously targeted to complete the work by the end of this year, but now it will be finished by the middle of next year, by July,” he clarified.

The President underscored the economic significance of the new terminal, describing it as a major gateway to economic growth for the Maldives. “Once operational, the new terminal will drive substantial economic growth,” he remarked.

In addition to the current construction, the President announced the second phase of VIA’s development. The first phase, which is currently underway, is progressing rapidly. The existing terminal at VIA can handle 1.5 million passengers annually. In contrast, the new 78,000-sq ft terminal, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, will have a capacity of 7 million passengers annually.

The new terminal will feature the latest amenities, including advanced baggage handling systems and multiple aero-boarding bridges. It will address the space constraints of the existing terminal and will house numerous food and beverage outlets, retail spaces, lounges, and other passenger services.

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