New UNDP Resident Representative to the Maldives Takes Office

The newly appointed Resident Representative of the United Nations  Development Programme (UNDP) for Maldives, Mr. Enrico Gaveglia presented his credentials to the  Minister of Foreign Affairs ad interim, His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Khaleel, at the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs. 

In his new role, Mr. Gaveglia has the overall responsibility of the UN Development agency activities in  the country; closely collaborating with national stakeholders, international partners and with the wider United Nations family to support Maldives’ national development priorities and the quest to achieve  the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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Mr. Gaveglia expressed his deep appreciation to the Government for the warm reception extended to  him and reaffirmed UNDP’s continued commitment and support to the people of Maldives in achieving a development that balances social, economic and environmental sustainability. “UNDP has been a long standing partner of the Maldives, and we remain committed to its people in all corners of the nation in  these trying times when compound crises make the challenges ahead look arduous,” Mr. Gaveglia stated.  

“UNDP maintains open its offer to support Maldives to create the conditions for inclusive, sustainable and  thriving livelihoods, to strengthen sustainable resource management and climate action, and to anticipate  the challenges of governance with robust and resilient institutions at all levels of public administration,”  Mr. Gaveglia emphasized. 

Minister Khaleel welcomed Mr. Gaveglia to the Maldives and expressed desire to deepen the  government’s relationship with UNDP as the strongest development arm of the United Nations in the  country. “The Government of Maldives is always ready to work with the UNDP team, and the team at  Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provide all the support necessary for the UN Country Team to execute  its duties and functions, ” Minister Khaleel said.  

Mr. Gaveglia is a development professional with over 16 years of experience in the United Nations  system, having served in leadership roles at UNDP in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Sudan.  During his illustrious tenure at UNDP, Mr. Gaveglia has offered his support to Governments, the UN  system and UNDP in several capacities across regions, in aid of countries and offices in transformation  and complex development settings – including crisis and post conflict. Mr. Gaveglia is a regular  outposted resource of UNDP Bureau of Management, Crisis Bureau, an innovation advocate for the  UNDP Asia-Pacific Regional Innovation Centre and has lived the last 11 years in the Asia-Pacific Region.  

Prior to UNDP, Mr. Gaveglia worked for over five years with the European Union in the former regional  delegation to India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Maldives, as well as in the European Agency for Reconstruction in Montenegro and North Macedonia. He started his career as Lieutenant in the Italian  Ministry of Defense in 1999. Mr. Gaveglia, an Italian national, holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Florence, Italy.

 At the ceremony, Mr. Gaveglia also discussed with the Minister about UNDP’s new Country Programme for the period 2022-2026, which mandates UNDP to work on a set of agreed development results in the country. He concluded by reiterating commitment to continue supporting the Government in delivering for  people and planet, through the new Country Programme.

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