Newly Ratified Civil Service Act Amendment Empowers Job Inclusivity for People with Disabilities

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Tuesday ratified the sixth amendment to the Maldives Civil Service Act (Act No.: 5/2007).

The amendment ratified today includes details of civil service employment procedures to the civil service, such as establishing a framework to allow employment opportunities for people with disabilities within the civil service. It also stipulates that individuals should be hired based on their academic merit, competence, capability and previous work experience.

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The legislation further details the conditions to form the Civil Service Commission, and stipulates the necessary requirements of members, along with the duties of the commission.

Parliament passed the sixth amendment to the Civil Service Act on April 29, 2021, at the 37th sitting of the first session of this year. Upon ratification, it has now been published in the Government Gazette and takes immediate effect.

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