NEXTON: Taking Virtual Events in Maldives to the Next Level

With the change in technology, changes are also seen in the event industry. Virtual event is a significant event technology that’s becoming extremely popular throughout the world. Even now, internationally renowned brands are using virtual events to launch products, hold conferences and carry out seminars.

The event industry of the Maldives always includes people who are familiar with technology. Two companies operating in the event industry of Maldives, Think Advertising and Event Maldives, has joined together to launch NEXTON, a virtual event platform.

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The greatest advantage of this is an event venue is not needed and a venue to gather audience is not required. Further, there’s no limit to the number of people in the audience. Interaction with the audience is possible in real-time. Hence, this event technology is the future of events.” Said Managing Director of Event Maldives, Ahmed Midhath.

Virtual events have many features over an ordinary event. It makes every part of the event more complete.

In NEXTON, there’s no limit to designing or concept. In a single event, set designing and surrounding can be changed several times. It is an ideal platform for businesses to launch a campaign or product to a large audience. Stated CEO of Think Advertising, Adeel Ismail.

NEXTON features equipment to record or live virtual events or hybrid events and broadcast to mass media or television.

While product launching, webinar, panel discussion, conference and digital content are already included in the platform, additional services will be introduced in the future.

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