Nizar resigns from Privatization Board

The President of Privatization and Corporation Board (PBC) Mohamed Nizar has resigned from the post.

Nizar was appointed as the President of PBC during the regime of former President, Abdulla Yameen.

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Nizar tweeted saying that he has resigned from the role and that he has worked as the President of PBC for the past 5 years and 26 days. He also stated that he has worked for the government for over 34 years.

Nizar thanked the government and the PBC in his tweet.

While Nizar has resigned, some of the parliament members and supporters of the government has been raising their voices to change the members in PBC.

Privatization Board was established under the act of Privatization and Corporation. The board consists of 7 members.

PBC is established to monitor the companies which are under the government. Board members of PBC are submitted ti the Majilis for approval before they are elected.

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