Oaga Art Resort Appoints Aminath Shaly as Human Resource Director

Shaly has worked in the Maldivian Tourism industry for the past two decades and is on a very important mission: to set standards that she knows are deserving for every team member. This is her story.

She is one of the leading female Maldivian Human Resource Directors in the hospitality industry, who is passionate about setting operational excellence and service standards. She is hands-on and value-driven with contemporary developments in service models and human capital.

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Shaly has held the position as an exco member of Maldives Association of Human Resource Professional (MAHRP) in 2018, and is currently a member of the association.

An MBA graduate from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, she has won multiple prestigious awards which includes the WIM 2019 Gold Award for Leadership Excellence in Human Resources – Professional Career Woman Award, Top 50 Maldivian HR Professionals in 2017 and 2018, Top Global 100 – HR Minds 2017, Top Global 100 – Most Influential 2016.

Shaly highlights that one of her greatest achievements is seeing the team members that she has trained and developed holding key positions in various resorts.

“You can be a waiter, you can be a room attendant, or an HR person. But here at Oaga Art Resort we will nurture your art as well. There are things within you that we can develop. We are not looking to hire someone just as a waiter. Bring your everything with you, the person that you want to be.” Shaly – HR Director.

For more details about Shaly’s journey, watch her interview: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6941654030376931328/

For more information visit: www.oagaresorts.com.

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