Ooredoo Announces Interactive Calendar 2024 Featuring an Exciting Running Game

Ooredoo Maldives has announced that 2024 is expected to be a significant year, with the introduction of the upcoming desk calendar. 

The Minister of Dhivehi Language, Culture, and Heritage will reveal the calendar during a special ceremony at the Ooredoo Maldives headquarters on December 27, 2023.

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The calendar brings you an exciting mobile game – “Atholhu Dhuvun”, the first-ever casual runner game developed in the Maldives, which customers of all ages can enjoy.  Giving the nod to the first-ever Ooredoo Maldives TVC, “Hasanah Foaneh”, the player embarks on a journey to deliver the phone across 12 islands from the North to the South of Maldives.

“Ooredoo Maldives has a strong commitment towards empowering Maldivians and developing the Dhivehi language. The calendar and game launched today, designed and developed by local talent, showcase Maldives’ beautiful islands and traditions. Forms of entertainment such as this game help bring us closer together and will help dissipate information about our local islands at a global level. I applaud such innovations and wish further prosperity for the work Ooredoo Maldives is doing with innovative technology.” Minister of Dhivehi Language, Culture and Heritage, Hon. Adam Naseer Ibrahim

“This calendar is a step forward in Ooredoo’s commitment to the youth, supporting local talent and innovations in the Maldives. Our game is aimed at a dynamic journey throughout the Maldives and provides a wholesome experience for customers of all ages. The game is developed for the world, through the eyes of Maldivians and by the incredible talent of Maldivians. We hope this calendar and subsequent game allows customers to come together, enjoy casual gaming and create awareness about different islands of the Maldives to the global audience.” Ooredoo Maldives CEO Khalid Al-Hamadi.

The game takes you through 12 levels, each level unlocked each month and featuring a new island creating a continuous dynamic adventure for the player. The calendar features artwork of the island featured in the same month, with a secret artwork incorporated. The players can access bonus hidden levels through this same artwork in the game.

This year’s calendar and game were developed for Ooredoo Maldives by the talented team at Loopcraft.

“Doing things that excite us, and that will excite the audience, is something we love to do! We hope this game brings out the fun and nostalgia that Ooredoo carries with them. Thank you, Ooredoo team, for this wonderful opportunity. “ Mohamed Shamheel, CEO of Loopcraft.

For more information about the Ooredoo Calendar 2024 “Atholhu Dhuvun”, please visit http://ore.do/atholhu-dhuvunOoredoo Announces Interactive Calendar 2024 Featuring an Exciting Running Game

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