Ooredoo Maldives Data Centre – “Go Digital Go Serverless” to Elevate Service Quality in Hospitality

With emerging destinations and new hotel chains across the globe, the market has become competitive making it crucial for businesses in the hospitality industry to stand out and provide exceptional services. Providing exceptional customer experience is vital, especially the first interaction which usually starts with digital interaction. Adopting advanced technologies such as IoT, VR/AR and the use of digital solutions for operations plays an important role in the success of a business in the hospitality industry today. To cater to these ever-changing technological developments and compete in a competitive market, Data Centers now play a crucial role in executing these services smoothly ultimately improving guests’ experience and business growth. 

To develop a technologically driven business, reliability of connection, data storage and managed services and high-security digital infrastructure is crucial. However, in-house operation can be highly expensive and require more manpower to maintain and manage the facilities and digital operation. Hosting servers at an established, dedicated Data Center gives businesses the advantage to reap the benefits of digitalisation at a minimal cost. Just like international large-scale Data centers, Ooredoo Maldives Data Center (OMDC) is also built to withstand 24/7 physical and network security, disaster management capabilities, superior power backup, and high-end heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The facility also provides a rack space of medium and high density with the capability of supporting both in-country and offshore hosting requests which enables businesses to host servers in the Maldives.

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“The digitalisation of businesses has created a surging demand for large computing facilities and capacity. Catering to this need Ooredoo Maldives Data Center provides end-to-end solutions for businesses providing more stability and better use of resources and capacity. Among other businesses in the banking and hospitality industry, we have recently hosted servers of one of the biggest hotel chains in the Maldives hospitality industry connecting its properties in Greater Male’ and Central Region via Point to point connection, Co-location, and virtualisation by installing the setup, configuring their operations systems, travel and booking applications and more. We provided hardware, Storage Area Network (SAN) storage and switches at (OMDC) optimizing their finances by reducing cost while improving service delivery which will ultimately lead to business growth and increased revenues.” Ooredoo Maldives Managing Director & CEO, Khalid Al-Hamadi

Inaugurated in 2021, the Tier 3 carrier-grade Ooredoo Maldives Data Center (OMDC), was launched to create the capacity for local businesses to thrive via technological advancements and compete at the same level as the bigger international brands. Under the banner of “Go digital, Go Serverless” Ooredoo’s enterprise business solutions also provides intelligent networking, managed security, virtual infrastructure, digital hospitality application, guest Wi-Fi, digital entertainment, digital telephony, centralized monitoring & Managed Services with power and hardware backup. An all-around solution catered by Ooredoo Maldives for customers to fulfil their digital needs in creating personalised customer experiences which can increase brand loyalty. Starting from the initiation of the booking, and check-in processes and all the way to the guest entering their room for the first time, guests today expect a fast and streamlined process without too much waiting time and hassle. Smart devices and appliances and the IoT can provide guests personalised services and create that home-away-from-home feel.

Key Benefits for business by hosting at Ooredoo Maldives Data Center:

  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • Zero maintenance  
  • Faster implementation and scalability
  • Integration of Operation systems, 
  • Better use of manpower
  • Network Infrastructure 
  • End-to-end solution
  • 24/7 dedicated support via the Ooredoo network operations center

Located in the emerging smart city of Hulhumale’, Ooredoo Maldives Data Centre (OMDC) is a world-class-state-of-the-art Data Centre that anticipates bolstering a quick and easy transition to new technologies supporting Maldivian and regional businesses from across the government, corporate, and hospitality sector. OMDC is set to ensure quality and unlimited possibilities by eliminating geographical challenges, ensuring business continuity and stable growth.

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