Ooredoo Maldives Hosts Intergenerational Iftar in Addu City

Ooredoo Maldives celebrated the spirit of Ramadan by hosting a special iftar gathering in Addu City. The event, part of the company’s “Israhvehinnaa eku” CSR campaign, aimed to foster connections between the elderly and youth of the community, promoting inclusivity and understanding.

The iftar provided a welcoming space for heartfelt conversations and shared experiences. Elders offered their wisdom and stories, while the youth contributed their enthusiasm, creating a vibrant atmosphere of unity. The Mayor of Addu City, Mr. Ali Nizar, attended the event, lending his support to this meaningful community initiative.

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Ooredoo Maldives emphasized the company’s belief in the importance of inclusivity and community building. The Iftar event served as a testament to this commitment, showcasing how such initiatives can bring people together and strengthen social bonds.

As part of its ongoing social responsibility efforts, Ooredoo Maldives plans to continue organizing similar events throughout Ramadan. The company aims to create a more connected and compassionate society where everyone feels valued and included.

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