Ooredoo Maldives Partners with Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology for its Internet Safety Campaign

The internet has transformed all aspects of our lives including, education, health services, entertainment, how we work and even how we socialize. Over the past year, with the emergence of the ongoing global pandemic, the use of internet and technology has skyrocketed. More and more people including children are connected to the internet, most of the day; to work, to study, to stay in touch with friends and family, to be entertained and more. As the internet continues to grow as an essential part of daily life, along with its efforts to make the internet more accessible and affordable for all, Ooredoo Maldives also continues its efforts towards making the internet a safer place for all through its nationwide Internet Safety Campaign.

As part of its Internet Safety Campaign, Ooredoo Maldives yesterday partnered with the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology to continue to educate and spread awareness on the importance of cyber safety.

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“The internet has opened up a world of opportunity and unlocked unlimited access to all kinds of information, content and platforms that enable us to interact with anyone across the globe. Although the internet benefits us immeasurably, it also opens doors to certain risks, such as malware, spam, phishing, cyber-bullying, blackmailing and many more. Hence, it is extremely important to educate our younger generations, parents, teachers and the elderly to be safe on the internet for a positive and enriching experience. We are thrilled to partner with Ooredoo Maldives and join their efforts in spreading the much-needed awareness to ensure online safety to our communities.” Minister of Communication, Science & Technology, Hon. Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal.

 “Internet and technology have transformed how we interact, the way we learn, how we do business and how we stay entertained. With all kinds of information at our fingertips and access to platforms for interactions with anyone across the globe, it paves way for malicious activities such as online grooming, cyber-bullying, fraud, and many more. Hence, it is extremely important to be aware of how to navigate through these risks. We are pleased to partner with the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology to ensure a safer internet for all. Likewise, we look forward to engaging with key stakeholders across industries to find solutions for existing social issues related to cyber safety, and create a safe space online for ourselves and our loved ones.” Managing Director & CEO of Ooredoo Maldives, Najib Khan.

           The Internet Safety campaign includes a number of initiatives such as; the introduction of security tools, webinars for parents, webinars for students, digital literacy programs for the elderly community and internet safety awareness videos. The aim of Ooredoo’s Internet Safety campaign is to ensure that the internet is a safer and life-enriching space for all.

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