Ooredoo unveils “Dhulhaheyo” Sticker Pack on Viber

Ooredoo Maldives has introduced another fun sticker pack on Viber, especially for the people of Maldives! The “Dhulhaheyo” Sticker Pack creates awareness on the importance of achieving a healthy lifestyle and celebrates the current fitness trends in the Maldives.

“Promoting a healthy lifestyle is very close to our hearts, and we’re pleased to see more and more people paying more attention to fitness,” Head of Brand, Mr. Arshad Shakir said. “Our localized Viber stickers aim to make conversations on the most popular chat application in the Maldives more fun, while adding a local touch. There are some things that are best said in Dhivehi, and we want to bring these popular phrases to international platforms that are popular within our communities.”

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Like before, Ooredoo’s Viber stickers are predominantly in Dhivehi. The “Dhulhaheyo” Sticker Pack includes loads of fun stickers with common expressions that frequent conversations around fitness, such as “Dhuvan Dhaanantha?”, “Golhi Araifi”, “Leg Day”, “Gym ah dhaa hitheh nei”, “Mikan Vaane”, “Lui Vejje” and more.

The pack also features special stickers for Ooredoo Color Run, their annual 5K run which also aims to promote healthier lifestyles among our communities.

The Viber stickers are available free of charge across all platforms, and can be downloadable from the Viber Sticker Market or by visiting ore.do/futuboalha.

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