Open Plan offices proved to be bad for Management

A research from Harvard reveals that Open Plan offices are the worst decisions made by companies. 

The decision is normally based on the floor space or to pay a lower rent which however results in more losses than the money saved on utilizing space or rent. Such as the workforce becomes less collaborative with several distractions while the social interaction also decreases. Hence, such offices have even decreased employee productivity. Therefore, even though billions are spent on the open plan office to increase collaboration, the company loses billions of dollars due to the declined productivity. 

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Besides, as the employees can email and message to communicate with co-workers where its possible for them to work from home at more convenience. Hence, some assume that it may offset the decline in productivity. 

However, Open Plan offices in the Maldives has an environment that is friendly and enjoyable. And, the environment is also more collaborative as it is easy to communicate with everyone without having the need to move from cabin to cabin. Moreover, the employees are also better motivated in the environment which has increased their productivity and efficiency benefiting the companies in the long run. Therefore, Open Plan offices are the best decisions taken by Maldivian companies which helped them to be successful throughout the years.

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