Operating Licenses Renewed for six Resorts

Photo : Sun

Six resorts whose operating licenses which has either expired or were taken away, have been given them once more, as per the Ministry of Tourism. This announcement was made in a press conference held by the Tourism Ministry on 26th May 2019.

The licenses were renewed under a new agreement that the resorts will ensure security of the islands, pay due fines within one year and that they will take care of their local staff under the necessary guidelines as per Minister of Tourism, Hon. Ali Waheed.

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The six resorts whose licenses were renewed along with their due payments are; Filitheyo Island Resort (USD 8.12 million), Medhufushi Island Resort (USD 4.2 million), Kihaa Maldives (USD3 million), Palm Beach Island Resort (USD 3.8 million), Hondaafushi Island Resort (USD 4 lakh) and Drift Theluveliga Resort (USD 3 lakh).

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