Orca Media Group Launches 6th ed. of Local Island Tourism Magazine

Orca Media Group has launched the sixth edition of Local Island Tourism Magazine. Previously published as the Guesthouses Maldives Magazine, the company has released 6 issues since its launching in 2014.

The magazine serves as the only marketing material to promote Local Island Tourism. It promotes in over 35 cities in different well-known international fairs such as WTM, ITB, ATM, and more.

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Local Island Tourism magazine is an exciting concept catering to the emerging sector in the Maldives Tourism industry and the only magazine in the country focusing entirely on local island tourism in the Maldives. The magazine is published annually, with the aim to be an informative and comprehensive guide to all guesthouses and local island tourism products in the Maldives.

A total of 5,000 copies will be printed and freely distributed to all interested parties across the Maldives, including all the resorts and guesthouses. Further, the magazine will be distributed in all the major international and local tourism fairs.

Moreover, the Magazine has been recognized by Ministry of Tourism and Maldives Marketing and Public relations Corporation (MMPRC), and has been used as an official Magazine to promote local island tourism in the travel trade fairs hosted by MMPRC.

Currently, there are over 600 registered guesthouses in the Maldives and it is the pledge of the current government to establish local island tourism in the entire Maldives.

Orca Media group has been active in Marketing and Public Relations since 2010 under the name Maldives Getaways. However, in May 2019, the company underwent a rebranding with a focus on international media. With this change, the company hopes to provide readers with news from all across the world.

The company’s portfolio includes print media brands, digital media, face-to-face events, business intelligence and content marketing solutions. Among the services provided are events management, publishing, web designing, social media & e-marketing, advertising, branding, videography & photography services.

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