Over 161,000 items ordered on eSTOre

In the first quarter, over 161000 items were ordered on eSTOre, according to 1st quarterly reports of State Trading Organization (STO).

STO 1st quarterly reports 2020 also show that 344,9444 parboiled rice bags, 207,400 wheat flour bags, and 117,580 crystal white sugar bags were imported.

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In the perishable item section, 27,982 onion bags, 6,110 potato bags, and 25,200 cartons of egg were imported during the 1st quarter.

Due to declaration of lockdown in the Greater Male’ area, STO has started online prescription services. 5,868 online prescriptions were submitted and 4,605 prescriptions were served.

STO’s Chief Information Officer Ismail Mifrah expressed his gratitude towards the staffs who are working day and night during the COVID-19 crisis in the country. He also stated that quarterly report was published with good results.

998 STO staffs are working in the field while 934 workers are working from home.

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