Over 6000 Local SMEs Assisted Since 2017: BCC

Photo: BCC

The Business Center Corporation (BCC) has announced that its advisory services have positively impacted over 6,000 small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Maldives over the past seven years. 

Established in 2017 under a special presidential decree, the BCC has been active in empowering local entrepreneurs and fostering economic growth.

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Projects implemented by the BCC include Authentic Maldives, SME Hub, SeedbyBCC, and the Maldives Business Network (MBN).

Notably, Authentic Maldives has provided a platform for over 300 local workers to showcase and sell their products, with strategically located stores offering more than 5,000 products.

Through platforms like the SME Hub and SeedbyBCC, the corporation assists SMEs navigate the complexities of today’s business landscape effectively.

In a statement, the BCC emphasized its commitment to incorporating innovative strategies to bolster the Maldives economy. Focusing on enhancing competitiveness in an increasingly technologically advanced world, the corporation aims to provide cutting-edge resources and solutions to SMEs across various sectors.

BCC Managing Director Ibrahim Ziyau Mohamed expressed optimism about the future of local SMEs, highlighting the importance of the “creative economy” in the government’s agenda. 

“I assure you that the BCC will continue to actively advocate for policies which allow small businesses to thrive.” he said.

Looking ahead, the BCC outlined plans to extend its support to underserved sectors of the economy with future projects such as Creator Hubs, a garment factory, and a packaging facility.

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