Over 62K Foreign Workers Arrived in the Maldives Last Year, Stats Show

Statistics on employment arrivals by Maldives Immigration indicated a notable surge in 2023, with a total of 62,071 migrant arrivals to the country for work.

Over the past five years, Maldives has seen a notable fluctuation in employment arrivals, as indicated by the following statistics:

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In 2019, the country recorded 39,998 individuals arriving for employment opportunities. The subsequent year, 2020, saw a significant decrease with only 9,858 arrivals. However, the trend shifted in 2021, witnessing a notable increase to 25,342 arrivals. 

This upward trajectory continued into 2022, with 54,076 individuals entering the country for employment purposes. The most recent data for 2023 reveals the highest number in the five-year period, with a total of 62,071 arrivals, indicating a substantial rise in the influx of individuals seeking work opportunities in Maldives.

In 2023, the distribution of employment arrivals to Maldives reflected a diverse array of contributing nations. Among the top 10 countries, India led the list with a significant influx of 39,486 individuals seeking employment opportunities within the Maldivian market. 

Sri Lanka followed suit, contributing 9,628 arrivals, reinforcing its longstanding presence as a key source of foreign labor.

Nepal also featured prominently in the top 10, with 5,293 arrivals, indicating a growing participation of Nepalese workers in the Maldivian workforce. 

Additionally, Indonesia and the Philippines made notable contributions, with 1,360 and 1,035 arrivals respectively, adding to the multicultural fabric of employment in Maldives.

China, Thailand, Egypt, Pakistan, and Myanmar completed the list, with varying numbers of arrivals ranging from 940 to 208.

Over the course of the last five years, Maldives has witnessed a cumulative contribution from various countries, shaping the landscape of employment arrivals. 

India has consistently held the top position, contributing a substantial 104,451 individuals to the Maldivian workforce. Sri Lanka follows closely behind with 28,909 arrivals, establishing itself as a consistent and significant source of foreign labor. 

Bangladesh and Nepal have also played vital roles, with 12,648 and 12,068 arrivals respectively, reflecting their ongoing contributions to the employment market in Maldives.

Indonesia, China, and the Philippines have further diversified the workforce, with 6,231, 5,904, and 3,853 arrivals respectively. Thailand, Egypt, and Italy have made notable contributions as well, with 2,985, 1,195, and 977 arrivals, contributing to the international character of Maldives’ workforce. 

These statistics provide insight into the dynamic nature of employment migration in the Maldives, with India consistently leading the way in contributing to the country’s workforce. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal also feature prominently in the list of contributing nations.

The increase in employment arrivals in 2023 suggests a growing trend, possibly influenced by economic factors and opportunities in the Maldives job market. 

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