Paradise Island Resort Hosts a Familiarization Tour for Dharumavantha School Students

On 29th October 2022, Paradise Island Resort of Villa Hotels & Resorts welcomed hospitality and tourism management students and lecturers of Dharumavantha School for a familiarization tour of the resort and its facilities.

Ibrahim Nahid, General Manager of Paradise Island Resort welcomed the visiting students and lecturers and introduced them to the resorts’ senior management team. The team ran a series of valuable information sessions to familiarize the students with the respective areas of responsibility while providing valuable insight into the daily work flow at the luxury beach resort.

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Ibrahim Nahid briefed the students on Villa Hotels & Resorts commitment to giving back to the local community through developing highly skilled talents in the tourism industry. Additionally, he spoke on the importance of informative and educational activities, which serve as vital exposure and as such a ‘hands-on experience’ boost when seeking employment in the future. Finally, Nahid added a note of appreciation and thanked the lecturers of Dharumavantha school for organizing the trip and allowing the Villa team to share their industry insight and knowledge.

An appointed team member from the management team led the visiting students on a personal tour of the resort, from the lobby to the guestrooms and spa and then to all back of house areas, which also included offices, kitchens, housekeeping and food and beverage outlets. The visiting students and lecturers were delighted to gain insight into operations in the tourism and hospitality industry. Toward the end of their trip, the GM and HODs held a question and answer session with the students to answer any queries.

The students and lecturers were treated to refreshments and lunch, with Villa Hotels & Resorts trademark hospitality at Bageecha restaurant. The schools’ lecturers showed their appreciation by expressing how much the students enjoyed the trip and how it opened their eyes to what it takes for the Villa Hotels & Resorts collection of resorts to be successful in the Maldives tourism industry.

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