Paradise On Earth Described ‘Boring’ by Local Youth As Entertainment Comes with Heavy Price Tag

Despite several developments, the youth of the country face numerous problems in the Maldives. One of the most significant issues has been identified as a lack of entertainment, apart from restaurants and cafes.

Importance of entertainment is undervalued often. The life of youth has become so hectic that they need time to relax and entertain. The daily routine of today’s generation is very tiring. Entertainment, in such a busy life, gives us the change, the relaxation so that life does not become a drudgery of routine. However, entertainment should not come with a heavy price tag.

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In 2014, a report by World Bank stated that discussions with young men in Mahibadhoo Island revealed that the most common reasons for feeling sad or being depressed include lack of opportunities for ‘active involvement’ ( (through intellectual or physical activities outside of school, access to or participation in entertainment such as movie theatres, concerts, youth social groups).

Major issues that both youth and adults identified as challenges

Further, according to findings by the Ministry of Youth a few years ago, participants listed a lack of facilities, space, and equipment as substantial challenges facing youth throughout the country. Adults and youth alike felt that young people don’t have the necessary means for positive recreation and entertainment.

Many seemed to feel that this contributed to the overall idleness of the youth and several respondents cited this as a reason for crime and drug abuse. In addition to a lack of space and equipment, a dearth of clubs/associations and a lack of qualified staff were cited as challenges to positive recreation for youth in the islands and the capital.

One of the recreation hotspots in Maldives was Artificial Beach, where children and teen enjoyed skating and playing various sports. It is an extremely sad sight to see the place completely transformed and the swimming area has been polluted.

It is important to develop entertainment facilities in the country for youth, apart from fancy restaurants and hotels.

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