Parliament approves Hussain Fiyaz Moosa as the Information Commissioner

Parliament of Maldives has approved the nomination of former Raajje TV COO Hussain Fiyaz Moosa for the role of Information Commissioner.

Fiyaz was approved as the Information Commissioner with the votes of 72 members from the 74 members who were present during the sitting. After having conducted a fair share of research into the nominees, the Parliament Committee on Independent Institutions had submitted two other names along with Fiyaz to the Parliament floor.

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In addition to Fiyaz, the committee researched into former EC Member, Ahmed Fayaz and Ahmed Aahidh Rasheed.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih nominated nine applicants whose names were then sent to the Parliament. The Parliament interviewed four of the candidates, in order of importance as given by the President including Fiyaz, Fayaz, Aahidh and Fathimath Saushan.

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