Parliament Revises Salaries of Chairperson, Deputy, and Members of MIRA

MVR 17,000 as salary for Chairperson of MIRA’s Director Board, MVR 16,000 for Deputy chairperson and MVR 15,000 for its members, has been approved by the People’s Majlis.

Peoples Majlis approved this with reference to the report which was researched and submitted to Majlis by the Public Accounts Committee, stating the changes in payments.

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Public Accounts Committee analyzed the issue and concluded on the salary, after discussing the proposal for advice proposed by Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA).

MIRA proposed for advice as from 12th December 2019 onwards, the government commenced acting in accordance to the second correction to the Constitution of incurring tax.

Public Accounts Committee only finalized the salary to be paid to the post holders and did not mention any allowance in the report.

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